A “Christmas Morning” Sense of Wonder

I shouldn’t be surprised by how God works, but I am constantly in awe when he does. Sometimes I feel like a little child on Christmas morning, almost overwhelmed with his gifts, his blessings, his “showing up” through others during a time of need.  This week has been one of those “Christmas Morning” kind of times: a special heaven-sent gift following the recognition of great need.

Two things happened on the same day. After a healing service at Christ of the Desert, I spoke with one of the women who had recently talked with Amy, who works closely with the families of Mecca and who is instrumental in identifying families with infants who have the greatest need. She said that we could never know how needed those blankets were (and continue to be) for the infants. Many of these families can’t afford clothing for their newborns, and the blankets are all they have. My heart nearly broke when I heard this. I had no idea that the level of poverty was this great among these families. The image of Christ’s birth came to me as I drove home, and I rejoiced that those of you who sent your beautiful handmade blankets had been so generous. I thought about how we wrapped these babies, just as Mary wrapped Jesus, in “swaddling” clothes of love. In Matthew Jesus tells us

“Come, you blessed of the Father,  inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: for I was hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty, and you gave me drink; I was naked and you clothed me . . . Assuredly, I say unto you, inasmuch as you did it to the least of these, you did it to Me.”

Matthew 25:34-40NKJV

That afternoon when I got home, I received an email from a woman in North Carolina who asked how she might start a chapter of Angels Undercover. With tears in my eyes I wrote back to tell her that this was the first time the question had come up, but that I would be delighted to get more detailed information to her and work with her as she starts our very first East Coast chapter of Angels Undercover.

If any of you would like to start a chapter in your area, let me know. We’re in the earliest planning stages, so all ideas are welcome. If you have friends who like to crochet, knit, or quilt, perhaps you could get together once a month for a potluck luncheon or tea and work together, sharing patterns (and recipes?), and chatting. This year, I would like to go beyond making blankets for our little angels and also invite you to make baby clothes, especially booties, caps, sweaters for newborns — anything appropriate for infants in cold weather.

Please contact me personally if you have additional ideas for our Angels Undercover project as we look forward to helping our little baby angels in Christmas 2009.

Thank you again, dear Angels, for all you’ve done for our Mecca babies. Even now, on these wintry mornings and chilly nights, they are wrapped in your blankets of love.


About diane@dianenoble.com

God's child who takes joy in His patience and love; St. Francis follower who desires to live simply; author in awe of God's incredible grace; fledgling graphite and colored pencil artist trying to improve, one drawing at a time.
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