Angels Undercover

I look back at the last post and can’t believe over two months have passed.  First, I want to tell you how excited I am at the response to my last blog about making baby blankets for the infants and toddlers of families who live near me, who have so little. Some of you left comments here, and others emailed me privately. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And you’ve been very patient while you waited for a response. Finally, we’re getting ready to roll. I’ve named our project “Angels Undercover” — thinking of both the wee angels who will someday be tucked beneath the prayer “blankies” and the grownup angels — you! — who are willing to join me in this project.

Two things came together just in the last few weeks. First was the publication of my last mystery by the same title, ANGELS UNDERCOVER, which at its heart has mysterious goings on (angelic acts of kindness) that play into the larger mystery, one of my favorite stories of all I’ve written. The second thing was my decision to publish a website devoted to my baby blanket project. As I thought about the name, it quickly became obvious that ANGELS UNDERCOVER was perfect. I ran it by my publisher, Guideposts Books, and they loved it.

The preliminary design is done, and though I’m still adding information–such as patterns and a forum where we can share our thoughts and pattern details–you’re welcome to stop by and have a look. The web address is Bookmark the page and come back often!



God's child who takes joy in His patience and love; St. Francis follower who desires to live simply; author in awe of God's incredible grace; fledgling graphite and colored pencil artist trying to improve, one drawing at a time.
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