Welcome to Diane’s online journal!

Yes, you’ve found the right spot. Bookmark this page in your browser and come back often! You will also be able to access it through my website – www.dianenoble.com. My journal has taken on a new design, but you’ll find the same thoughts and insights as before. If you would like to be notified whenever I post a new entry, you can sign up to do so. For those who signed up for notification on the previous blog site, you’ll need to sign up again on this site. (More about this in an upcoming post.)

I’ll post more later, but for now I’ll leave you with these thoughts from Letters from God for Women:

The Blessings of a Thankful Heart

Dearest Child,

I delight in your thankful heart, daughter, just as you rejoice when someone hugs you in a spirit of gratitude.

When you acknowledge My gifts and blessings, you experience a sense of contentment and awe. Your heart dances with joy.

Look around you; look into the faces of those you love. Rejoice in them. Rejoice in the security of your home. Rejoice in the competence you have in your career. Count your blessings. Take delight even in the small, simple things and know they are all from Me, my beloved.

With blessings and love,

Your Heavenly Father

What I want from you is your true thanks;

I want your promises fulfilled.

I want you to trust me in your times of trouble

so I can rescue you, and you can give me glory.

Psalm 50:14-15 TLB


About diane@dianenoble.com

God's child who takes joy in His patience and love; St. Francis follower who desires to live simply; author in awe of God's incredible grace; fledgling graphite and colored pencil artist trying to improve, one drawing at a time.
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2 Responses to Welcome to Diane’s online journal!

  1. Tammy says:


    I have become so blessed to have found you!!
    Your writing is not only wonderful but the added
    spirituality you put into your books make them the perfect read!!! Thank you for all you do!!


  2. Diane Noble says:

    Thank you, Tammy! Your words warm my heart. I’m delighted you enjoy my books. Thank you for leaving your comment!



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